GST Admission Guideline 2023-24 (with Screenshot)

GST Cluster University Online Preliminary Admission Guidelines for the academic year of 2023-24.

For the academic year 2023-24, the preliminary admission process for the first year in GST (General, Science & Technology) affiliated universities should be completed online through the GST website ( The procedures for candidates participating in the preliminary admissions are as follows:

(i) Candidates must pay a partial admission fee of BDT 5000/- (Five thousand taka) online as per the instructions on the website.

(ii) After paying the fee, candidates need to submit their original mark sheets of the SSC and HSC or equivalent examinations to the university where they intend to enroll first. This is a mandatory step.

If the above two steps are not completed as per the instructions, the preliminary admission process will be invalid, and the candidate will not be eligible for subsequent admissions in any university under GST for that academic year.

GST Admission Guideline

Follow the steps outlined to complete the online preliminary admission process:

  1. Visit the GST website ( and click on the ‘Student Login’ button as indicated in the instructions.
GST Admission Guideline 01

2. After clicking on the ‘Student Login’ button, you will be directed to the login page. Here, you must enter your GST Applicant ID and GST Password to log in.”

GST Admission Guideline 02

3. After logging in, the webpage will display options. Among the included departments of your chosen universities, the names of the departments for which you intend to apply will be shown. You must click on the ‘Admit’ button for the respective department to complete the preliminary admission process for that department. If you have not selected in subject a particular university or department, neither the department’s name nor the ‘Admit’ button will be displayed.

GST Admission Guideline 03

4. After clicking the ‘Admit’ button, the next webpage will be displayed. The applicant will receive a four-digit verification code on their mobile number. To proceed, enter this verification code and click on the ‘Verify’ button. If you do not wish to proceed further, click on the ‘Go Back’ button.

GST Admission Guideline 04

5. After the mobile verification is completed, the next webpage will be displayed where you should verify the information and click the ‘Submit’ button. If the information is not correct, click ‘Back to Student Panel’ to follow the subsequent steps.

GST Admission Guideline 05

6. After clicking ‘Submit’, a payment invoice of BDT 5000/- (Five Thousand Taka) will be displayed. You need to complete the payment as instructed.

GST Admission Guideline 06

7. On the same page, click on the ‘Make payment’ button to proceed with the payment. Payment can be made through mobile banking and internet banking methods. Once the payment is successfully made, a confirmation will be displayed on the webpage. If the payment is completed afterwards (still within the instructed deadline), log in to the Student Panel to complete the payment. Do not proceed without making the payment and submitting the mark sheets.

GST Admission Guideline 07

8. After completing the above steps, click on ‘Download Acknowledgement Slip’ to save the payment slip. You can also download and save the payment slip from the Student Panel’s print option.

GST Admission Guideline 08

9. After the payment, the necessary documents should be submitted to the respective university before proceeding to the Student Panel.

GST Admission Guideline 09

10. Document submission: After payment, submit the original mark sheets of SSC and HSC or equivalent exams as instructed by the first choice university. Collect the receipt (including the submitter’s name, signature, and seal) from the respective university. This receipt is necessary to complete the preliminary admission process.

GST Admission Guideline 10

11. After completing the preliminary admission, log in to the GST website’s Student Panel. Subsequently, select a more preferred department/subject in the same or another university. There is no need to transfer the previously submitted documents to another university.

GST Admission Guideline 11

12. Stopping Migration: To stop the migration and finalize the chosen department/subject in a particular university or another university, the applicant must complete the Stop Migration process on the GST website. This can be done by clicking the Stop Migration button in the Student Panel. It’s important to note that once migration is stopped, it cannot be reactivated. After confirming Stop Migration, a confirmation page will be displayed.

GST Admission Guideline 12

13. To finalize the Stop Migration, click the respective checkbox and then click the Stop Migration button, or click Go Back to return. Remember, once you stop migration, it cannot be restarted. After completing Stop Migration, a confirmation page will be displayed.

GST Admission Guideline 13
GST Admission Guideline 14
GST Admission Guideline 15

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