GST Admission System 2023-24

For the academic year 2023-24 under GST cluster universities in Bangladesh, the admission process will be centralized.

Each university within the GST consortium will publish its results on their respective websites. The 2023-24 academic year GST admission test (cluster-based integrated admission test) results will be available on the official website ( The centralized system will manage the entire admission process for the GST cluster universities.

The admission process is primarily divided into two phases – (a) Primary Admission and (b) Final Admission.

(a) Primary Admission Process:

  • Candidates will need to register and pay the fees via the GST website.
  • Applicants can choose their preferred universities included in the GST cluster, and the list of successful candidates will be displayed in the Student Panel.
  • The primary admission process will be completed as per the schedule.
  • For the primary admission phase, candidates need to pay a fee of BDT 5000/- (Five Thousand Taka) at the concerned university (where the candidate prefers to get admitted first).
  • If a candidate is not selected in the first round but completes the primary admission process, they may still be considered for admission based on their performance and vacancies in the universities.
  • After the primary admission and fee payment, if the candidate is not allocated in the initial choice of university, they can opt for migration to other preferred universities.

Important Note: Candidates will need to follow specific procedures for migration, as outlined on the GST website.

Admission Cancel: If a candidate wishes to withdraw from the admission process after being selected in the primary phase, they can do so by following the procedure at the respective university and the GST website.

(b) Final Admission Process:

  • After completing the primary admission process, candidates will need to follow the final admission process at their allocated universities.
  • Candidates will report to their respective universities (as per the specified schedule) and complete the final admission process according to the rules and regulations of that university.
  • The remaining amount of the admission fees (after deducting the primary phase fee) should be paid during the final admission process.

The GST Technical Committee oversees this process. This notice is a guideline for students seeking admission to universities under the GST system in Bangladesh, providing details on the process, fees, and requirements.

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