GST Admission Result 2024- A, b, C Units

The GST (General Science and Technology) Admission Result for A, B, and C Units at 23 public universities in Bangladesh has been announced on the official website, This system categorizes the results into three groups: Science (Unit A), Humanities (Unit B), and Commerce (Unit C).

GST Admission Result

The results of the admission test for the science, commerce, and arts streams across 23 General Science and Technology Universities will be announced on June, 2024. The A, B, and C Unit Admission Results will be made available on the website.

Details of GST Admission Result 2024 The General, Science, and Technology University Admission Committee plans to display the admission results not only on their official website and on public university notice boards but also to distribute them through SMS.

Three separate lists ranking candidates based on prior exam performances will be released by the Integrated Public Universities admissions committee.

The primary information source for these results will be the GST website. This site will post the results as soon as they are ready, allowing students to check their outcomes using either their admission roll or application number.

Students will also be able to download a PDF file containing their results from this page once the results are announced. The download links will become active following the results’ release. Below are the steps students should follow to check their admission status.

Details of GST Admission Primary Selection Result 2024 The General Science and Technology University’s official website will publish a list of eligible candidates and the Primary Application Selection Result.

Consequently, inclusion in this list of eligible candidates is a prerequisite for consideration in the final application process.

All applicants who submitted a Primary Application 2024 are eligible to be included in the list of candidates for the GST admission final application.

To access the GST Primary Application’s preliminary result, visit and select Preliminary Result. Then, download the list and sort the results by Application Number to find the correct ones.

GST Unit-Wise Results for Units A, B, and C

As previously mentioned, the results will be organized by GST units. There are three units – A, B, and C, corresponding to the science, humanities, and business streams, respectively.

The minimum required cumulative grade point average (CGPA) for each group is as follows. This criterion helps applicants easily find their preliminary results.

GST Science Group A Unit Result

CGPA of 8.00 is necessary for science students to advance to the final application stage. The GST Admission Committee will compile a list of 150000 eligible candidates for admission to the science unit. The GST science group selection results are expected to be published on the website.

GST Business Group B Unit Result

A minimum GPA of 7.50 is required for consideration in the Business studies group. The preliminary selection result for the business group is anticipated to be released, as per various online sources.

GST Humanities C Unit Result

To qualify for the Humanities Group, a GPA of 7.00 is needed. The Humanities Group Admission Result for the GST Admission System is likely to be announced shortly on

How To Check GST Admission Result

Visit the Official Website: Go to, the official portal for GST admission results.

Select Your Unit: Choose the relevant unit (A, B, or C) based on your educational background.

Enter Your Credentials: Input your admission roll number or any other required information to access your result.

View the Result: Your result will be displayed on the screen. It will indicate whether you are selected for the final application or not.

Download and Save: If available, download the result for future reference. A PDF version might be available for convenience.

Follow Further Instructions: In case you are selected, follow the additional instructions provided for the final application process.

It’s important for candidates to keep an eye on the official website for the most up-to-date information and to confirm the exact dates of result publication. The GST admission process is highly competitive, and timely access to results is crucial for successful participation in subsequent stages of the admission process.

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